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Featured Speakers

avatar for Abhimanyu Prabhavalkar

Abhimanyu Prabhavalkar

Oracle Corporation
Vice President
avatar for Janakiram MSV

Janakiram MSV

Janakiram & Associates
Principal Analyst
avatar for Sandesh Rao

Sandesh Rao

Oracle USA
Vice President, Cloud Diagnosability and RAC Assurance
avatar for Andrew Holdsworth

Andrew Holdsworth

Oracle Corporation
Vice President
avatar for Tirthankar Lahiri

Tirthankar Lahiri

Oracle USA
Senior Vice President, Data and In-Memory Technologies
avatar for Khurshed Batliwala

Khurshed Batliwala

Faculty, The Art of Living
avatar for Dinesh Ghodke

Dinesh Ghodke

Art of Living
Faculty, The Art of Living, Author
avatar for Connor McDonald

Connor McDonald

Oracle Australia
Developer Advocate
avatar for Chris Saxon

Chris Saxon

Oracle, UK
Developer Advocate
avatar for Paulo Back

Paulo Back

Oracle USA
Vice President - Applications Development
avatar for James Czuprynski

James Czuprynski

Viscosity North America
Senior Enterprise Data Architect
avatar for Kamran Aghayev

Kamran Aghayev

AzerCell Telecom
Oracle ACE Director and Oracle Certified Master
avatar for Björn Rost

Björn Rost

Principal Consultant
avatar for Shakeeb Rahman

Shakeeb Rahman

Oracle Corporation
Software Development Manager
avatar for Markus Michalewicz

Markus Michalewicz

Oracle USA
Senior Director of Product Management
avatar for Sudershan Singh

Sudershan Singh

Oracle, India
Director of Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
avatar for Murali Subramanian

Murali Subramanian

Innovacx Tech labs Private Ltd
avatar for Prabhaker Gongloor

Prabhaker Gongloor

Oracle USA
Senior Director of Product Management
avatar for Gopalakrishnan Raghavan

Gopalakrishnan Raghavan

Oracle India
Senior Director, EBS Quality Assurance
avatar for Chitti Babu A

Chitti Babu A

India OAUG
avatar for Nassyam Basha

Nassyam Basha

DBA Expert, Oracle ACE Director
avatar for Basheer Khan

Basheer Khan

Knex Technology
CEO | Oracle ACE Director
avatar for Vivek Sharma

Vivek Sharma

Oracle India
Technical Lead - Data Warehousing Development & Global Leaders Program
avatar for Karan Dodwal (OCM)

Karan Dodwal (OCM)

Fidelity International India
Oracle Exadata DMA
avatar for Satyendra Kumar

Satyendra Kumar

Director - Platform Architecture Services at Oracle Consulting
avatar for Kamal Dodeja

Kamal Dodeja

Oracle India
Global Leader - Open Source, Cloud Native Engineering and Consulting
avatar for Sai Penumuru

Sai Penumuru

Co-Founder & President | Oracle ACE Director |Oracle Groundbreaker...
avatar for Rohit Dhamija

Rohit Dhamija

Oracle Corporation
Principal Product Manager
avatar for Vamsi Krishna Ravada

Vamsi Krishna Ravada

Apps Associates Pvt Ltd
Senior Delivery Manager
avatar for Suresh Gandhi

Suresh Gandhi

Senior Manager, Oracle ACE
avatar for Saurabh K. Gupta

Saurabh K. Gupta

GE Digital
Manager - Data & Analytics
avatar for Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta

Deloitte Consulting US India Pvt Ltd
Senior Consultant
avatar for Abhinav Gupta

Abhinav Gupta

Oracle Corporation
Senior Director of Product Management
avatar for Patrick Jolliffe

Patrick Jolliffe

Li & Fung Trading Ltd, Hong Kong
avatar for Anil Nair

Anil Nair

Oracle Corporation
Senior Principal Product Manager
avatar for Abhinivesh Jain

Abhinivesh Jain

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
avatar for Chaitanya Koratamaddi

Chaitanya Koratamaddi

Oracle, India
Principal Product Manager, Oracle Application Express
avatar for Prashant Kochrekar

Prashant Kochrekar

WNS Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
Senior Group Manager
avatar for Muralidhar Reddy KVS

Muralidhar Reddy KVS

Oracle India
Director, Product Management, EBS Manufacturing and Adaptive...
avatar for Bala Manikandarajan

Bala Manikandarajan

Doyen Systems Pvt. Ltd
EBS Principal Consultant
avatar for Nirmal Natarajan

Nirmal Natarajan

Oracle India
Principal software Engineer
avatar for Kris Bhanushali

Kris Bhanushali

Oracle USA
Product Manager, Public Cloud Strategy
avatar for Archana Raghu

Archana Raghu

Doyensys India
Project Manager
avatar for Manasi Puranik

Manasi Puranik

Oracle India
Product Management Director
avatar for Vinay Seth

Vinay Seth

Head – Business Processes and Information Services
avatar for Aman Sharma

Aman Sharma

Oracle Database Consultant | VP - AIOUG
avatar for Nisharahmed Soneji

Nisharahmed Soneji

Oracle India Pvt. Ltd
Senior Product Manager
avatar for Sista Sivaramakrishna

Sista Sivaramakrishna

Oracle India
Principal Product Manager, EBS Supply Chain Product Management
avatar for Chetankumar Vithlani

Chetankumar Vithlani

Oracle India
Principal Product Manager
avatar for Abhinav Shroff

Abhinav Shroff

Oracle, India
Principal Product Manager
avatar for Balavignesh Arumugam

Balavignesh Arumugam

Oracle, India
Senior Principal Software Engineer
avatar for Suvendu Kumar Patra

Suvendu Kumar Patra

Lead Cloud DBA
avatar for Rekha Ayothi

Rekha Ayothi

Oracle Corporation
Principal Product Manager
avatar for Shray Bansal

Shray Bansal

Oracle Corporation
Senior Product Manager
avatar for Rajashekhar Malekop

Rajashekhar Malekop

Eprentise Software Pvt Ltd, India
Sr. Director (Product Architecture)
avatar for Neelima Bawa

Neelima Bawa

Oracle Corporation
Consulting Technical Lead, System Mgmt Product
avatar for Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar

Atradius, Netherlands
Enterprise Architect | Oracle ACE
avatar for Chris Couture

Chris Couture

CherryRoad Technologies Inc, USA
Global Managing Director – Innovation & Solutions
avatar for Arunkumar Kaliappan

Arunkumar Kaliappan

Oracle India
Director-Product Management, Oracle Applications Development
avatar for Kishor Genikala

Kishor Genikala

Oracle India
Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer, EBS Mfg. Support
avatar for Atul Kumar

Atul Kumar

K21 Academy
avatar for Umesh Tanna

Umesh Tanna

Oracle India
Principal Solution Engineer, SE Hub
avatar for Navneet Upneja

Navneet Upneja

Oceaneering International Services
Manager, IT Technical Platform
avatar for Kandasamy Nainmalai

Kandasamy Nainmalai

Oracle, India
Senior Principal Software Engineer
avatar for Niraj Mahajan

Niraj Mahajan

Infosys Limited
Principal consultant
avatar for A N SRINIVASAN


SRF LTD, India
AVP - Oracle Services
avatar for Aparna Gaonkar

Aparna Gaonkar

Oracle Corporation
Senior Principal Product Manager, Cloud AppDev & Tools Product...
avatar for Abhijeet Rajurkar

Abhijeet Rajurkar

Oracle, India
Solution Engineering Snr. Manager
avatar for Chandrashekar Pulluru

Chandrashekar Pulluru

Sierra-Cedar India
Associate Project Manager - AMS
avatar for Khyum Mohammed Abdul

Khyum Mohammed Abdul

Oracle Corporation
Principal Software Engineer
avatar for Tapas Kumar Ghosh

Tapas Kumar Ghosh

Oracle India Private Limited
Principal Software Engineer
avatar for Chandan Tanwani

Chandan Tanwani

Oracle India
Senior Applications Engineer
avatar for Rama Mohan Derangula

Rama Mohan Derangula

Oracle Corporation
Principal software engineer
avatar for Sumit Dhariwal

Sumit Dhariwal

Oracle Corporation
Principal Support Engineer
avatar for Avasarala Murthy

Avasarala Murthy

Oracle Corporation
Senior Principal Engineer
avatar for Vinay Mistry

Vinay Mistry

Coequal Associates Private Limited
Founder & MD
avatar for Veeratteshwaran Sridhar

Veeratteshwaran Sridhar

Oracle, India
Principal Software Engineer, Global Customer Support, Oracle...
avatar for Sabarinadh Idupuganti

Sabarinadh Idupuganti

Oracle India Pvt Ltd
Senior Principal Software Engineer
avatar for Vikas Pujara

Vikas Pujara

Hays Specialist Recruitment
Sr. Project Manager
avatar for Umamaheswari Subramanian

Umamaheswari Subramanian

Oracle India Pvt Ltd
Principal Product Manager
avatar for Ganesh Ananthapadmanaban

Ganesh Ananthapadmanaban

Oracle, India
Manager Fusion Cloud Support
avatar for Somdeep Talapatra

Somdeep Talapatra

Oracle Corporation
avatar for Manoj Kumar Devanaboyina

Manoj Kumar Devanaboyina

Oracle Corporation
Group Manager Quality Assurance
avatar for Mariyappan Arumugham

Mariyappan Arumugham

Oracle Corporation
Senior Principal Product Manager
avatar for Kameswara Rao Kesavarapu

Kameswara Rao Kesavarapu

Deloitte, India
Specialist Master
avatar for Mohammed Ayaaz

Mohammed Ayaaz

Solutions Architect
avatar for Kalyana Chakravarthy

Kalyana Chakravarthy

Oracle India Private Limited
Project Lead, EBS SCM
avatar for Srividya Srinivasan

Srividya Srinivasan

Doyensys India
General Manager – Human Resources


Deloitte Consulting US India Pvt Ltd
Senior Consultant
avatar for Asif Hussain

Asif Hussain

Project Lead - DBA Practice
avatar for Manjunath Hiremath

Manjunath Hiremath

Oracle India
Principal Software Engineer
avatar for Naga Chidirala

Naga Chidirala

Orbit Software Solutions
Technical Manager
avatar for Krishna Rao

Krishna Rao

Sierra-Cedar India
Associate Director, Application Management Services
avatar for Rekha Subbaiaha Nagaraja

Rekha Subbaiaha Nagaraja

Cognizant Technology Services
Associate Director Projects
avatar for Gayatri Jayaraman

Gayatri Jayaraman

Cognizant Technology Solutions Limited
avatar for Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta

Oracle India
Product Management for Oracle Management Cloud
avatar for Manjunatha V

Manjunatha V

Quest India
Solutions Consultant
avatar for Swapna Kommineni

Swapna Kommineni

Oracle India
Product Management Director, EBS Manufacturing
avatar for Kishore Surve

Kishore Surve

Oracle India Private Limited
Principal Solution Consultant
avatar for Deviprasad Mishra

Deviprasad Mishra

Cognizant Technology Solutions
Manager – Oracle Solution Practice
avatar for Nagendra Krishnappa

Nagendra Krishnappa

Oracle, India
Senior Principal Product Manager Applications Development
avatar for Mr Vinay Kumar

Mr Vinay Kumar

Oracle India Private Limited
Sr. Principal Product Manager
avatar for Sanjay Bheemasenarao

Sanjay Bheemasenarao

Oracle Coporation
Director, Release Engineering
avatar for Sharath Vishwanath

Sharath Vishwanath

Director, Release Engineering, Oracle E-Business Suite of Applications
avatar for Sudhakar G Sivakumar

Sudhakar G Sivakumar

Cognizant Technology Solutions Limited
Associate Director – Projects

Ulhas Pinjarkar

Oracle Corporation
Director, EBS-ATG Development
avatar for Pradeep Vattem

Pradeep Vattem

Qualcomm India
DBA | Oracle ACE