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Ketan Parmar

Dynamic Elements Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd
Associate Director (Java / Mobile Practices)
Ketan Parmar is solution architect and advocate of open source emerging technologies. He works closely with technologies and various departments. He is a Java enthusiast, Android lover, and Cloud expert. He has a keen interest in upcoming programming languages like Go Lang and Kotlin.

Ketan also speaks in various events, writes blogs and contributes in various tech communities. Ketan is regular Speaker in events i.e. Tech Days, GDG Ahmedabad, Go Lang Ahmedabad, Hyperledger Ahmedabad etc.

He is also co-organizer of Go Lang and Hyperleger Ahmedabad meetup groups. His research and analysis set out to help customers make the right decision in choosing the right platform.
Friday, December 8

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Saturday, December 9

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